7 Advertising Examples and Why They Work

Can you think of promoting your brand without advertising? Certainly not if you look at the advertising budget of businesses, big or small; without advertising you cannot hope to build brand awareness for boosting your revenues. You can choose from a variety of advertising approaches these days like digital ad platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, traditional mediums like TV, radio, or newspapers, or email marketing, etc.

7 Advertising Methods And How These Can Work:

  1. Social media advertising: This is by far the most influential medium these days and most popular amongst small businesses which are cash-strapped. You may even use ad targeting options for reaching out to your target customers in a specific location. Facebook offers an excellent advertising platform for smaller enterprises and you could insert video ads, carousel images, customer offers, page likes, lead generation, etc. Small businesses typically opt for Instagram because of its visual appeal and to reach out to the young audiences.
  2. Pay-per-click advertising: This is another effective example of advertising where the advertiser will pay fees every time users click on their advertisements, typically vis-à-vis search engines. When a viewer sees an ad but does not click on it, you will not be charged. Google Ads are a common platform for PPC advertising and this turns out to be a viable alternative for small businesses having tight budgets.
  3. Mobile advertising: This form of digital advertising is where ads will only be shown on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. These can include mobile search ads, videos, display ads, app ads, etc. This strategy pays off since nearly 80% of customers below 30 years of age are likely to shop using a mobile device. The crypto trading apps like bitcoin code app 2021 are promoted hugely through mobile advertising.
  4. Native advertising: This refers to pop-ups and banner ads that try to sell something. These can be shown as videos or articles on sites with similar content. Native ads will offer consumers important information and matches the slow of the specific page. So, these are usually non-disruptive and viewers will not really feel that they have been watching an ad. But placement of such ads must be conducted carefully following the audience’s interest.
  5. Display advertising: These may be designed to be stagnant or animated and you will usually find these on the top of web pages or the sides. The display advertisements aim for fast conversion, but since these offer really no value besides a call-to-action for users, the latter often ignore them. Only if display ads are visually appealing will they attract target customers. For example, one effective advertising method for gambling platforms is emphasizing the unique selling proposition of deneme bonusu veren kumar siteleri. This tactic not only attracts new users by providing them with a no-risk way to test the waters but also differentiates the platform in a competitive market, appealing directly to the curiosity and cautious optimism of potential players.
  6. Traditional advertising: Print advertising continues to be one of the most reliable advertising methods which impact buying behavior of consumers. This refers to ads in brochures and newspapers, posters, and flyers. Likewise broadcast advertising is where you share promotional messages concerning your services through radio or TV. This involves more money and can be riskier because the viewer can skin the channel any time. Broadcast advertising may not be as effective as it used to be, but it still has its charm for bigger companies.
  7. Outdoor advertising: This is out-of-home advertising which refers to ads that consumers can view outside their homes. This is also a mass-market medium for branding and sharing messages. It is important to focus on the graphic design of such ads because you only get a few seconds to catch the attention of the viewer. Advertisers are now using outdoor ads to connect the digital with the real world.